Pilcrow Media Communications

Pilcrow Media started in 2015 with the brief to build a communications studio, hire a creative team, and iterate through ideas into a startup while driving revenues through client work and internal projects. In 2016 the projects successfully evolved into FED, a food nutrition startup.
Pilcrow Media website with a prominent banner images of wine bottles and a five column grid for about, team, projects, clients, and magazine sections — Website by Dima Yagnyuk
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Studio Management
Pilcrow Media started out in 2015 as a communications studio with a plan to develop into a start-up. Projects included building studio operational structure, hiring a writing team, and providing creative direction for business idea generation through client work and internal projects. By the end of 2016 Pilcrow Media successfully produced FED, a food nutrition startup it is currently focused on.
This project began at the end of 2015 through hiring a creative team and developing an identity and studio website focused on its writers.
Pilcrow spent the following year producing branding and content focused client-work , in-house editorial publications, and iterated through internal start-up projects trying to generate a business.
By end of 2016 one of the projects evolved into FED, — a food nutrition startup with a health-focused magazine identity. This project was successfully concluded via an advertising campaign to hire a focused design team for the business.
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Elin Tayyar