News and Data Visualization

Blue Terminal interface developed a visually appealing aggregator of energy news with seamless data visualization of the underlying research data built using a custom version of the D3.js library.
Blue Terminal News Aggregate Featured article at the top of the home page with a full background images of wheat fields with white color navigation on top — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Product Design
Blue Terminal developed and successfully sold a polished energy news and research aggregator with data visualization component built using a custom version of the D3.js library.
Identity was build on striking photography of energy related sources to support the numbers-focused nature of energy data.
On product side Blue Terminal developed an energy news aggregator with a data visualization layer using a custom build of a D3.js library.
Work Done
Blue Terminal interface of the news aggregator with a prominent feature story, filtering controls by energy type, and a list of articles — by Yagnyuk.
Blue Terminal energy iconographic system for nine major energy types — by Yagnyuk.
Blue Terminal data visualization interface focused on oil — by Yagnyuk.
Blue Terminal Data visualization assistive interface iconography — by Yagnyuk.