Paintings by Lori Lees-Stout Logo — by Yagnyuk.


Personal art practice identity and communications focused Lori-Lees Stout's beautiful watercolour paintings.
Close of of Lori Lees-Stout business card featuring her watercolour paintings — by Yagnyuk.
Lori Lees-Stout envelope, letterhead, and business cards featuring her paintings — by Yagnyuk.
Close up of Lori Lees-Stout informational side of the business card featuring business info — by Yagnyuk.
Series of business card featuring watercolour paintings with painting title set in Garamond Pro typeface — by Yagnyuk.
Close up of Lori Lees-Stout letterhead and envelope — by Yagnyuk.
Paintings by Lori Lees-Stout logo centered on a light grey background — by Yagnyuk.