Travel Magazine E-Commerce

New District's e-commerce website expanded on the identity with editorial style writing and on-location photography featuring BC wineries and the talented people running them.
New District E-Commerce website homepage, showing prominent search focused page on mobile and table devices — by Yagnyuk.
New District specializes in wine with a focus on British Columbia. Its 2013 “travel magazine” identity and e-commerce quickly led to partnerships with a broad range of BC wineries. Ongoing creative support resulted in successful acquisition in 2015, providing the business with resources to develop custom consumer and B2B e-commerce platforms. This led to opening of New District's premium wine store, and launch of high-end packaging with curated “wine collections” in 2016.
The company started out in 2013 as a digital travel magazine focused on craft wine producers in British Colombia. Brand, art direction, and photography were developed alongside magazine style e-commerce interface.
By 2015 the popularity of the original product with BC wineries resulted in New District being acquired. Leading to launch of a custom consumer and B2B e-commerce platform with comprehensive filtering and navigation systems designed for large and complex product inventories.
Ongoing customer growth produced a physical store in 2016 along with premium packaging and highly popular “wine advent” calendar.
Work Done
New District e-commerce website with active search for Pinot Noir on mobile and table devices, showing an EX Nihilo Vineyards results — by Yagnyuk.
Close up of the Wineries search results focused on Ex Nihilo vineyard with a detailed description and photo of the wineyard home — by Yagnyuk.
Product page for Black Widow Winery with framed image of the wine barrel with a spider logo burned into it — by Yagnyuk.
Details product card for a white wedding hidden chapel wine with an in depth description and add to card plus more info buttons — by Dima.
A product grid of wines for hidden chapel winery page on the New District E-Commerce platform — by Yagnyuk.
Add to cart modal for White Wedding wine by Hidden Chapel — by Yagnyuk.
New District about page showing brand manifesto and navigation for featured, winery, and archive pages — by Yagnyuk.
The spirited evolution of BC wine article with a large full screen image of BC interior — by Dima Yagnyuk.
New District article on Canada's Farmers market or wine set against a full screen image of a goose flying against a mountain backdrop — by Yagnyuk.
New District E-Commerce footer showing a prominent feature article with a background of Similkameen Valley in the interior BC — by Dima Yagnyuk.