Art Direction
Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation runs events, athletic teams, youth clubs, support groups and a range of varied activities for diverse communities across a network of recreational centres in Vancouver.
Projects include a range of informational, and creative communications spanning team logos, advertising distributed via signage, brochures and newsprint, and programs promoting Vancouver Park Board events and activities.
Dragon Boat team member wearing a blue shirt with Hasting Hydras logo on the sleeve — by Yagnyuk.
Close up of Hastings Hydras logo on a shirt — by Yagnyuk.
Macro Shot of Hasting Hydras logo on the shirt showing printed details — by Yagnyuk.
Hastings Hydras dragon boat team racing on the water in the False Creek, Vancouver BC, while wearing the blue branding Hasting Hydras jerseys — by Yagnyuk.
Hastings Hydras Logo centered on a light grey background — by Yagnyuk.