Grouplend Logo — by Yagnyuk.

Direct Mail Advertising

The success of the street advertising campaign and the national recognition it brought to Grouplend was expanded on via direct mail campaign, leading to sustained user growth throughout 2015.
Grouplend offer letter describing the details and what the product offers next to a branded envelope and letterhead — by Yagnyuk.
Product Design
User Interface
Grouplend developed the first Canadian peer-to-peer lending platform. Company was branded and supported via experiential advertising, content marketing, and direct mail campaigns leading to rapid user growth throughout 2015. Continued development of a polished, high-conversion interface propelled the product to a $10.2M Series A funding round, and led to a rebrand into Grow Financial at the end 2015.
Initial product built was a peer-to-peer lending platform emulating US-based Lending Club for the Canadian market.
Launch day identity design and accompanying communications included experiential campaigns, content marketing, and direct mail advertising. Producing national brand recognition and resulting in sustained user growth. Product functionality and interface was developed and optimized for high conversion throughout 2015.
Product was renamed and brand updated to Grow Financial in a lead up to a successful $10.2M Series A funding round at the end of 2015.
Close up of the Grouplend's offer to the customer — by Yagnyuk.
Close up of the offer details with key information emphasized — by Yagnyuk.
Bottom of the Grouplend offer showing the signature of Grouplend CEO Kevin Sandhu — by Yagnyuk.