Financial Product Interface

On the product side Grow Financial focused on rapidly developing a financial lending product with an intuitive user interface, signup, and account systems that maximized qualified user conversion.
Grow Financial Home Page user interface optimized to surface key information and convert qualifying visitors — by Yagnyuk.
Product Design
User Interface
Grouplend developed the first Canadian peer-to-peer lending platform. Company was branded and supported via experiential advertising, content marketing, and direct mail campaigns leading to rapid user growth throughout 2015. Continued development of a polished, high-conversion interface propelled the product to a $10.2M Series A funding round, and led to a rebrand into Grow Financial at the end 2015.
Initial product built was a peer-to-peer lending platform emulating US-based Lending Club for the Canadian market.
Launch day identity design and accompanying communications included experiential campaigns, content marketing, and direct mail advertising. Producing national brand recognition and resulting in sustained user growth. Product functionality and interface was developed and optimized for high conversion throughout 2015.
Product was renamed and brand updated to Grow Financial in a lead up to a successful $10.2M Series A funding round at the end of 2015.
Close up of the Grow Technologies home screen on a laptop, showing key information — by Yagnyuk.
Up close with the Grow branding showing the favicon and main headline set in Lato typeface — by Yagnyuk.
Close up of Grow Financial navigation — by Yagnyuk.
Close up of the initial sign up form, which is the focal point of the home page — by Yagnyuk.
Close up of the featured press for Grouplend and Grow Financial — by Yagnyuk.
Detailed about section defining what Grow financial does, set in Lato typeface — by Yagnyuk.
Preview of the complete Grow Financial loan application form on desktop and mobile devices — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Grow financial blog article about decreasing rates as application volume soared — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Grow financial blog article about personal credit scores — by Dima Yagnyuk.
User interface for contact and help showing easy contact options for email, live chat, and phone call — by Yagnyuk.
Photograph of the contact us section on a laptop screen — by Yagnyuk.
Photograph of the footer and newsletter sign-up form — by Yagnyuk.
Contact us section describing the in-house team that helped Grow Financial users — by Yagnyuk.
Photograph of the the sign-up form focused on marital status field on a laptop screen — by Yagnyuk.
Grow Financial user account interface showing the user loan amount — by Yagnyuk.
Grow Financial wizard for completing the loan application showing step 1 of confirming contact information — by Yagnyuk.
Grow financial interactive slider allowing user to preview the changes in monthly payment and interest rates depending on the loan amount — by Yagnyuk.