Identity and Communications

Pilcrow Media identity focused on featuring the writing focused creative team via photography and individually tailored communications across print and studio website.
Pilcrow Media envelopes and various personalized letterheads and business cards for each team member featuring their portrait photography — by Yagnyuk.
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Studio Management
Pilcrow Media started out in 2015 as a communications studio with a plan to develop into a start-up. Projects included building studio operational structure, hiring a writing team, and providing creative direction for business idea generation through client work and internal projects. By the end of 2016 Pilcrow Media successfully produced FED, a food nutrition startup it is currently focused on.
This project began at the end of 2015 through hiring a creative team and developing an identity and studio website focused on its writers.
Pilcrow spent the following year producing branding and content focused client-work , in-house editorial publications, and iterated through internal start-up projects trying to generate a business.
By end of 2016 one of the projects evolved into FED, — a food nutrition startup with a health-focused magazine identity. This project was successfully concluded via an advertising campaign to hire a focused design team for the business.
Work Done
Bureau of Light, In House
Web Development
In House
Parent Client
Elin Tayyar
Close up of the letter head and envelope for Pilcrow Media studio coordinator — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Close up of the content side of Pilcrow Media copywriter business card featuring black and white portrait photography — by Yagnyuk.
Shared side of the Pilcrow Media business cards, outlining studio website and tagline — by Yagnyuk.
Top right corner of Pilcrow Media letterhead showing studio logo and contact information — by Yagnyuk.
Three main logos for Pilcrow media family of products — Media, Magazine, and Politik — by Dima Yagnyuk.