Three Community Centre Youth Programs showing the illustration focused first page — by Yagnyuk.
Art Direction
Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation runs events, athletic teams, youth clubs, support groups and a range of varied activities for diverse communities across a network of recreational centres in Vancouver.
Projects include a range of informational, and creative communications spanning team logos, advertising distributed via signage, brochures and newsprint, and programs promoting Vancouver Park Board events and activities.
Unfolded program showing the six column based layout with information and hand drawn illustrations — by Dima.
Blank Youth program with the six column grid used as template by participating kids to illustrate the next years program — by Yagnyuk.
Three youth programs showing the back of the program with program detail and illustration — by Yagnyuk.
Close up of the illustration and contact information set in Helvetica Neue — by Yagnyuk.
Inside of the program showing detailed write ups for the program offerings - by Yagnyuk.