Harvest Logo — by Yagnyuk.


Harvest is RealCrowd's “cryptocurrency” to “real estate fund” investment facilitating product. Brand, visual and user interface systems were developed to quickly accommodate new fund offerings while consistently portraying a premium real estate feel.
Harvest home page with an interactive graph illustration price fluctuation of cryptocurrency vs real estate — by Yagnyuk.
Product Design
RealCrowd is an established software developer facilitating property investing for the US real estate industry. Projects span branding, product, and interface design for crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, and financial advising platforms. Resulting in consistent user growth, and over 50% year-over-year spending reduction due to effective, replicable design systems for interface and communications.
RealCrowd's core product is a crowdfunding platform matching investors with properties from high-end US real estate developers. This project is focused on creating a highly-structured, easy-to-use interface and effectively surfacing key property details without obscuring the extensively layered, data-rich underlying information.
Harvest is RealCrowd's “cryptocurrency” to “real estate fund” exchange. Project focused on creating a polished, high-end brand and user-interface systems, easily replicable for new funds.
ReAllocate is built on top of RealCrowd's crowdfunding platform and provides algorithm-powered real-estate investing advice based on proprietary assessment of client risk preferences. Project is developing intuitive user interfaces for onboarding, risk assessment, and the underlying data-rich advising and visualization application.
Harvest top of the home pages showing navigation and a 3 column banner image plus headline grid layout — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Laptop screen close up photo of the cryptocurrency vs real estate graph — by Yagnyuk.
Fixed menu scrolled with the page stopping at the Harvest Fund 1 section — by Yagnyuk.
Harvest Fund 1 section providing property detail information in a 2 column layout set in Helvetica Neue — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Up close photograph of the property sponsor write-up — by Yagnyuk.
Havest Pricing Structure user interface section showing the two simple options — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Harvest Pricing structure full overview chart — by Yagnyuk.
Interactive process steps showing how Harvest Works — by Dima Yagnyuk.
User interface of the FAQ and sign-up sections — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Up close details of the Invest digital form — by Yagnyuk.
Close up details of form fields spacing and text set in Helvetica Neue in blue-grey shade — by Dima
Get in touch section showing the team — by Yagnyuk.