Say Hello Sweets logo — by Dima Yagnyuk.

BC Product of the Year

In 2019 Say Hello was nominated for BC Product of the Year. Custom “bite-size” plating, miniaturized cube “gifts”, and “key info” mapped presentation tray setup was designed to capture judges attention, delight with details, and ensure product tasting.
Plating presentation for BC Product of the Year Awards with leaf shaped plate, pink ice cream cup and bite sized treats, backed by colorful chocolate and coffee illustrations — by Yagnyuk.
Product Design
Art Direction
Naomi Arnaut's Say Hello Sweets makes all natural ice cream and frozen treats. Her work has been meticulously supported from day one, with design and creative direction tailored to the cashflow based budgets of a quickly growing small business. Projects include an extensive, illustration-based identity spanning a range of unique, standout communications, packaging, vehicle, and environmental applications. Resulting in rapid customer growth, product uptake and brand recognition.
In 2016 Say Hello Sweets launched with a hand drawn, illustration-based identity and a unique truck that quickly became a Vancouver destination. In 2017 Naomi's constant flavour development resulted in flexible short run packaging.
In 2018 custom structural, food safe ice cream cube was designed, methodically tested, and produced for the main flavour range. Made out of food-safe materials, it holds its shape without glue, can be opened in 3 ways, and is leak resistant.
In 2019 continued product expansion lead to packaging updates (including new illustrations) for the full line of food safe cubes, glass jars, and ice cream sandwiches. Custom environmental designs were created for BC Product of The Year awards and Vancouver Convention Centre storefront.
Close up of turquoise colored plate in a shape of a leaf with a sliced up ice cream sandwich with toothpicks featuring little strawberry "try me!" flags — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Miniature ice cream cubes with chocolate, strawberry and coffee illustrations containing take-away gifts for the judges — by Dima.
Close up of Say Hello sweets brand manifesto, printed on the tray in vibrant red and blue colors — by Dima Yagnyuk.
Macro shot of a chocolate coffee sunday ready to eat bite sized scoop with a large chocolate nirvana illustration — by Yagnyuk.