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Recent work showcases customer growth, sales-driving packaging, financing rounds, product acquisitions, storefronts, and low costs.

For further results across the decade (including a BC provincial law change) explore my lookbook, monograph and client pages.

Say Hello Sweets custom Structural Foodsafe, Direct Fill, Ice Cream Cubes with vibrant illustrations for banana, strawberry, chocolate, lemon, marshmallow, sesame, mint, matcha, coffee and vanilla flavours in a variety of neon colors stacked on top of each other — Packaging by Dima Yagnyuk.

Design and continuous development of brand, packaging, and environmental applications, tailored to cashflow based budget of a small business. Resulting in strong customer growth, consistently increasing cashflow, rapid product uptake across British Columbia, brand recognition, and ongoing product expansion.

Branding, product design, and creative direction for a US-based real estate software developer. Modular, data-rich interface systems resulted in consistently increasing user growth, reduced feature development time, and produced compounding, over 50% year-over-year design spending reductions.

Branding and packaging systems across signature and seasonal product lines for an established fermentation company. Standout packaging with reduced production costs and application time has resulted in improved margins, increased sales, brand growth and recognition.

Branding, packaging and environmental work for chef Karen McAthy’s portfolio of dairy-free products and dining. Design reflects the elegant nature and taste of Karen’s products, and tells the story of her work, making a premium statement.

Branding, creative direction and interface design for a wine retail start-up. Producing extensive partnerships with BC wineries and quick customer growth, resulting in successful acquisition in 2015. Leading to development of custom e-commerce platform, and opening of a premium brick and mortar wine store.

Branding, advertising, product and interface design. Resulting in high-conversion marketing, and easy-to-use financial product applications, national exposure, seamless renaming, $10.2M Series A in 2016, over $250K in lifespan design savings, and a successful exit in 2019.